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All vendors /exhibitors submit this application and pay vendors agrees to follow all vendors /exhibitors guidelines set by Ohio Cannabis Expo which is owned by Another Mastamynd Hit LLC and also to agree to abide all Ohio laws related to Cannabis and Hemp as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code  

We're excited to welcome you to the Ohio Cannabis Expo! To ensure everything runs smoothly, here are the finalized guidelines for our vendors:

1. Table and Canopy Specifications:
    Tables**: Bring your own 6-foot or 8-foot table.
    Canopies**: Limited to 10x10 feet to maintain accessibility and uniformity.

2. vendors /exhibitors Tickets:
   - vendors /exhibitors will receive 2 complimentary tickets for the full duration of the event.
   - Additional tickets must be purchased separately.

3. Vendors /exhibitors Fees and Payment:
   - Payment Process: Vendor fees will be invoiced after your application has been approved. This ensures accurate and secure transactions.
   - VIP Sponsors: Enjoy priority in the application process and preferred table placement at the event.

4. No Sales of Illegal or Homemade Goods: All products must be legally compliant and commercially produced.

5. Hemp Product Labeling: Adhere to Ohio Department of Agriculture standards. Your products and labels will be inspected for compliance.

6. No Samples Allowed: For health and liability reasons, distributing samples is prohibited.

7. Alcohol and Food Policy: No outside alcohol or food is permitted, as these will be available at the venue.

8. Liability: Neither Ohio Cannabis Expo nor Another Mastamynd Hit LLC will be liable for vendors /exhibitors equipment or personal items.

9. Setup and Breakdown: Please follow the designated times for setting up and breaking down your booth.

10. Hotel Policy Consumption of cannabis or hemp products is strictly prohibited within hotel premises.

11. Types of vendors /exhibitors We welcome vendors /exhibitors from across the cannabis industry spectrum.

12. Vendor Application and Approval: Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Essential services like tables, chairs, Wi-Fi, or electricity are subject to availability and must be requested in advance.

13. Compliance and Inspection: All vendors /exhibitors must demonstrate compliance with legal labeling requirements for hemp products. Be prepared for inspections.

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines. We're committed to creating a safe, enjoyable, and successful expo for everyone involved. We can't wait to see you there!

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