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Jared is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in providing strategic direction and business
performance improvement.


He currently serves as CEO of Standard Wellness Holdings, LLC where he oversees operations, finance
and accounting, sales and marketing, corporate development, strategic planning, and all capital raise


He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado School of Business and his Juris
Doctorate from Cleveland State University.


Jared is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with extensive GAAP familiarity and holds more than 15
years of business, finance, and audit experience. Throughout his career, he has led various capital raises
which generated $1.6B in debt and equity.


Prior to entering the cannabis industry full-time in 2019, Jared served as CFO at PSC Metals, Inc, a
recycling company and reportable segment of Icahn Enterprises which boasts revenues in excess of
$1.1B. At PSC Metals, he developed and presented a five-year strategic plan to Carl Icahn designed to
increase enterprise value by over $250M while also managing a series of acquisitions and divestitures for
the company.


Prior to joining PSC Metals, he served as Director of Finance and Director of Supply Chain Optimization
at Aleris International, a multinational organization with revenue in excess of $5B.


Jared was the Treasurer of the May Dugan Center for four years and lives in Fairview Park, Ohio with his
wife, Wendy, and their four children.

Jared Maloof Bio 

Bill Williams JR is currently the President of BeneLeaves. BeneLeaves is a
medical cannabis processor in Columbus, OH. BeneLeaves strives to create deep
connections with Ohio patients, manufacturing high quality, cannabis- based
medical alternatives that promote health and wellness. BeneLeaves makes vape
cartridges, gummies, lotions, capsules and even gluten free cookies.


Bill previously was the Director of National Sales for Glory Foods. From seed to
shelf he was involved and helped build this national brand. He was responsible
for managing the sales and marketing of Glory Foods products to all
supermarket customers throughout the United States.


Prior to its sale to McCall Farms, Glory Foods doubled in size from $35M to
$70M in revenue during the 2009-2011 timeframe and expanded the retail
footprint by nearly 400%. 2015 sales estimated at $95M.


Before Glory Foods, Bill held several positions with Coca Cola New England in
Needham, Massachusetts where he led his team to regain business in the inner
city of Boston, an area that was historically a Pepsi dominated community.


Mr. Williams studied Economics at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts.
Bill is also a graduate of Business Management program at Fisher College of
Business at The Ohio State University.

Bill is an active member of the Charity Newsies since, 2001.

Bill Williams Bio  

Graduate of Ohio State University, Joshua Smith is an Ohio Board of Pharmacy Licensed
Pharmacist. He has embraced this industry and health focused responsibility for more
than 21 years.

He currently works as a part time pharmacist at Brewsters Hometown Pharmacy in Piketon Ohio and is the CEO of Southern Ohio Botanicals. Southern Ohio


Botanicals is a medical marijuana dispensary in Waverly, Ohio. Prior to this, Mr. Smith
worked as Scheduler and Supervisor Pharmacist for Kmart Corporation where he
managed 7 pharmacies.


His primary role as pharmacist is to comply with the Ohio Board
of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and local/state/national health boards. He
is authorized to dispense controlled substances and provide oversight and guidance to
patients in their use of prescribed/ recommended and over-the-counter medications.


Joshua enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard in 1996 after graduating high school. He
was promoted thru the years to the level of Staff Sargent and was the Medical Readiness
NCOIC for the 121st medical group out of Rickenbacker, Ohio. In 2011, he was activated
to full time Air Force duty after the attacks of 9/11.
As managing pharmacist, Joshua has been responsible for not only the medical inventory
using Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) tracking system but also physical
inventory audits to ensure complete compliance of the control of sensitive medicine.
Monthly audits along with biannual inventory audits are some of the critical functions he
provided. He has participated in the mandatory State Board of Pharmacy, Medical Board
and DEA inspections with excellent results.


Mr. Smith is trained in security and privacy compliance. He understands the importance
of strict adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
(HIPAA). He manages a day-to-day business which requires facility security including
alarm systems, video surveillance, and cash handling.


In 2003, Mr. Smith opened JSL Productions – an audio-visual company. As founder and
owner, he developed the initial budget and proforma. His annual revenue has been up
to $1,000,000. Employing 4 employees and engaging with multiple sub-contractors,
Joshua has hands-on experience in developing and implementing a financial plan for a
start up business.


Joshua’s passion for medical marijuana stems from his own tragic car accident in 2015.
He was left with severe injuries which required multiple surgeries. He made a conscious
decision to switch from prescription opioid treatment for pain and post traumatic stress to
medical marijuana. He is hopeful his entry into the industry will provide him the platform
to educate the public about safe use of marijuana.



Mr. Smith is a volunteer at New Beginnings Outreach Ministries. He continues to give
back his time and expertise to help manage and fundraise to support the mission and the
recovery facility, Tony’s House of Hope.

Josh Smith Bio 


For any inquiries or questions contact us:


Columbus Ohio 


Monday - Friday:
11AM - 5PM



Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, M.D., a compassionate and knowledgeable medical cannabis specialist, operates an integrative practice with services in Ohio and Michigan. We do cannabis differently. As the founder and former CEO of Green Harvest Health, she has devoted her career to understanding the benefits of medicinal cannabis and advocating for patient-centered care.


Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Bridget not only consults with patients and provides medical cannabis cards, but also incorporates holistic practices into her comprehensive approach. Her empathetic nature and commitment to education empowers patients throughout their healing journey.


Dr. Bridget is also the acclaimed author of the best-selling book series, "Courage in Cannabis", which sheds light on compelling stories of cannabis and CBD usage. Through her work, she brings these stories to the forefront of the industry conversation, emphasizing the need to maintain medical cannabis access for patients in need.


In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Williams collaborates with educators to develop educational curriculums and delivers informative talks at events across the country. She also hosts the "Reclaim Your Wellness with DrBridgetMD" segment on Black Star Network, also with her own channel on YOUTUBE, further expanding her impact on the medical cannabis community. Her newest venture is the Blossom Bar, a mobile infused mocktail bar service. 

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams Bio 

Founded in 2016 in Ohio
Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) builds lamps in TN, USA. HLG is the industry leader in manufacturing High Efficiency, Full Spectrum LED grow lights for both Commercial and Home horticulture.

Our trademarked Quantum Board® technology sets a new standard in the industry perfectly complementing efficiency and affordability.

HLG is able to completely eliminate the need for HPS lighting by providing the most cost effective lamps utilizing our High Efficiency Full Spectrum Quantum Boards®, allowing our customers to  lower electricity consumption up to 60% all while increasing yields and quality. HLG aims to bring only the best LED technology to all growers.

Amit Chandna Bio 

Brian Wingfield is a co-founder of Ohio Cannabis Company, with a distinguished presence in the cannabis industry that began in 2018. Alongside his partner Cindy Bradford, another lifelong Ohio resident, Brian entered the medical marijuana market with a dispensary license obtained through Ohio’s round one. Since then his dedication to making a difference in the lives of individuals has led to the opening of additional dispensaries and a processing facility.


From the outset, Brian have been committed to providing not just access to medical marijuana but also to offering education and support for the patients. Their family-centered business welcomed additional family members into the fold after securing three more dispensary licenses in the Board of Pharmacy’s 2021 dispensary lottery, with operations now based in Canton, Harpster, and Piqua.


Every day, Brian cherishes the opportunity to help someone through his work, a sentiment that has become the cornerstone of his professional philosophy. As Ohio progresses toward the legalization of adult-use marijuana, Brian is at the forefront, ready to navigate the anticipated expansion and the ensuing benefits to the community. His vision for the future is filled with promise and innovation, as he continues to guide Ohio Cannabis Company in its growth and service to others

Brian Wingfield Bio 

Geoff Korff Bio 

Geoff Korff has been an entrepreneur and business leader in northeast Ohio all of his professional career. He is the current Founder and CEO of Galenas, a Level II medical marijuana cultivator in Ohio, which also has operations in Michigan.


Geoff has been involved in Ohio’s medical marijuana program since it’s inception in 2018, and as an attorney, has worked on medical marijuana issues and advocacy going back to 2011.


Prior to founding Galenas, Geoff was the president of a heavy industrial manufacturing company in the Youngstown area. He attended Ohio State as an undergraduate and received his law degree from Syracuse University.

Justin Lee Roach Bio

Justin (Lee) Roach is a dynamic speaker, cannabis advocate, and industry professional with a passion for promoting alternative therapies and holistic wellness. He holds an Applied Science degree from Hocking College, specializing in Cannabis Lab Technology, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of the science behind cannabis cultivation, extraction, and product development.


With a fervent dedication to the cannabis industry, Justin has been an integral part of Ohio Cannabis Live for nearly a full year, where he applies his knowledge and expertise to drive innovation and quality standards in the field. His journey in the cannabis sector began with a personal struggle with opiate addiction, which he triumphantly overcame over 10 years ago with the aid of cannabis. Today, Justin continues to use cannabis as a tool for managing pain and anxiety, while advocating for its efficacy as a safer alternative to traditional medications that can lead to addiction.


Having completed his internship with Ohio Cannabis Live, Justin brings firsthand experience and a unique perspective to the speaking panel. His story of resilience, combined with his in-depth knowledge of cannabis science, makes him a compelling advocate for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and its potential to combat addiction and improve overall well-being. Justin Roach is committed to reshaping the conversation surrounding cannabis and empowering individuals to explore natural, sustainable solutions for their health and wellness needs.

Andrew Moris Bio

Andrew Morris has worked in the medical Ohio cannabis industry since it's inception. Nationally recognized multiple times during his time in retail. He has worked in the dispensaries as well as in the processing facilities. 


Helping launch the first medical cannabis shop in central Ohio, Terrasana. Andrew worked his way into management and helped launch a third location in Springfield Ohio. 


Sales, marketing and brand ambassadorship. Educating patients and budtenders alike across the state of Ohio the last three years at Buckeye Relief.


Andrew has been a fierce advocate and community leader in Columbus within the cannabis space for a decade plus.


Currently working at Hundred Percent Labs as Business Development Manger, building sales, relationships, and product. 

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Marry Alleger Bio 

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